Applications for Laser Scanning

Industrial / Process Plant

HD Surveys excel in Complex Environments.

You will find us at the forefront of data capture in Pharmaceutical Plants, Dairy Plants, Oil Refineries and Oil Storage Facilities, Offshore Facilities, Chemical Plants, Power Stations, Medical Devices Facilities, Modular Fabrication Facilities.

Engineering Surveys

At HD Surveys, our technical mindset differentiates us from the competition.

Whilst our State-of-the-Art Leica Scanners enable us to create clean and rich Point Clouds, it is our ability to analyse and convert this data into industry specific reports and drawings that ensures our place as leaders in our industry.

Building Surveys

Our Laser Scanning capabilities allow us to measure buildings to the highest level and create a range of outputs for Design Teams.

From 2D CAD to 3D Revit Models, HD Surveys will have a solution for your particular needs. Our eye for detail and flair for drawing results in products that are immediately available for use in design and planning applications

Heritage Record

Laser Scanning is an ideal tool for capturing the minute detail often required when surveying buildings or structures with a Conservation or Heritage aspect.

We work with Conservation Architects & Engineers and directly for OPW as we create digital records of the structures that contribute to Irelands rich and unique heritage.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Survey & Capture
  • Model & Deliver

HD Surveys’ technological approach and Laser Scanning expertise paves a way for a fully collaborative process leading to richer, more accurate and comprehensive and 3D models ready for a multitude of uses in a project life-cycle.

Our award-winning team is ready to mobilise to your site, assess your project specific requirements and develop a tailored solution for your needs.

HD Surveys has expertise in modelling accurate As-Built Environments and Buildings in Revit format. We work with our clients to determine the most appropriate level of detail required for each project, from a basic Level 1 Mass Model through to a highly detailed and textured Level 4 Model.

Having an accurate representation of the existing environment at the start of a project allows the design team to confidently move on to what they do best – Design!

HD Surveys are an ideal partner to undertake the off-site data capture phase of the project. Using industry leading Leica Surveying Equipment and Software, HD Surveys create comprehensive, inter-active, full-colour and clean datasets logically formatted and delivered for immediate and optimum use by our clients.

Our staff are trained to work in Confined Spaces, Work at Heights, MEWP Operation and Emergency First Aid.

HD Surveys is committed to being at the forefront of precision surveying for those operating in complex working environments. We offer a range of products such as Intelligent 3D BIM models, Detailed 2D CAD Documentation, Deformation Reports, Fabrication Validation & Isometrics.